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When bad guys are away, dr. Miki is getting a holiday

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dr. Miki
No... I'm no witch or monster hunter, nor a woman warrior, nor a self-proclaimed feminist. Just an ordinary damsel in distress you will find in any Harlequin cheap novel.

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Nice place if you want to hang out without NSA tailing your ass off. My entries mostly about my rants of something I like, or don't like. But if you lucky enough, I also writing fiction, but I don't promise a good ending or even there's ending at all. since I'm not commiting to finish my story and please everybody. I don't have editor, so don't do grammar NAZI about my ever present writing mistake. This is a personal blog after all.
a bit new-age., action, adventure, animation, chatting, daydreaming, detective, drawing, family-drama, fantasy, instrumental, light jazz, lounge, mystery, paranormal. photo editing, photography., pop-opera, sci-fi, sci-fi futuristic, soundtrack, swing, writing

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